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EMPOWERED Counseling for Mindful Living, LLC is owned and operated by Jessica Callicutt and Samantha Major. The goal in creating this company was to provide a structure and space where therapists can establish their work home while providing therapy according to their own expertise and unique style. EMPOWERED Counseling for Mindful Living, LLC is the where, while the individual therapists who office here are the who, what, and how of fostering change and transforming lives.

Our office houses a diverse collection of passionate and skilled therapists who share the philosophy that growth occurs when clients are EMPOWERED. Empowerment enables clients to recognize their own strength, to mindfully choose their direction, and to trust their ability to navigate through obstacles. The therapists sharing this space work collaboratively to EMPOWER clients to build lives that are authentic, healthy, and fulfilling.

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Independently licensed therapists, who office at EMPOWERED Counseling for Mindful Living, LLC, are solely responsible for the services they provide and operate as independent practitioners.  No partnerships are implied by content on this website.