What payment methods are accepted by providers who office at EMPOWERED Counseling for Mindful Living?
Available payment methods vary by therapist, ranging from the ability to use both in and out of network benefits for major insurance plans, to affordable rates for private pay. Please see the THERAPISTS page to clarify available options.

Although your therapist may verify insurance benefits prior to beginning services, it is in your best interest to be familiar with the coverage offered by your insurance plan.

What does private pay mean?
Some clients wish to pay for mental health services privately and choose to not utilize mental health benefits.  Clients who wish to pay privately are welcome to discuss options and fees with their chosen therapist.  Private pay rates range from counselor to counselor, based on their policies and experience, and can begin at a rate as low as $60 per session.  Please see the THERAPISTS page for more information.

How long are sessions? How long will it take for me to meet my therapy goals?
Individual, couples and family therapy sessions are regularly 45-50 minutes long, which is referred to as the “therapeutic hour.” Group therapy sessions are between 60 minutes and 90 minutes, depending on the group.

Individual problems are resolved or improved at different rates and it is hard to predict the length of therapy needed. While brief therapy may be appropriate for certain issues, resolution of longer term problems may require more extensive therapy. During your initial appointment your therapist will work to understand your needs, and to consider with you, the frequency of sessions and appropriate approach for your situation.

If I am interested in therapy or supervision for licensure, what do I do next?
Please contact the individual therapist or supervisor through email or phone to discuss the steps to initiating services. Each therapist responds to messages during their office hours.


Independently licensed therapists, who office at EMPOWERED Counseling for Mindful Living, LLC, are solely responsible for the services they provide and operate as independent practitioners.  No partnerships are implied by content on this website.