The therapists who office at EMPOWERED Counseling for Mindful Living, LLC offer an expansive scope of expertise and style. How they conduct therapy depends on what would best address client priorities and can include the following options.

Individual therapy allows clients to focus on personal issues in a private setting, with a more in-depth exploration of factors related to their concerns. In an individual setting therapists take into account individual needs, personality, history and goals to create a customized approach.

    • Children express themselves through play, their natural form of communication. Play Therapy, appropriate for children 3-12 years old, is used to help children express and communicate their thoughts and feelings when verbal language is unsuccessful or exhausted. Play Therapy can assist children in finding healthier solutions by changing the way they think about, feel toward and resolve concerns. Click here to watch a brief video about play therapy.

      When a child feels accepted in play therapy they learn about relationships and the world around them, but most importantly, they learn about themselves and their feelings. Children that learn how to label feelings appropriately and express them effectively have better coping skills, more appropriate behavior, stronger self-esteem and more connected relationships.
    • Adolescents benefit from having a safe, supportive environment where they can process struggles and pressures they encounter in their teen world. Typical challenges in this phase of development include creating independence, defining one’s identity, establishing and maintaining healthy relationships, and balancing the everyday demands of teenage life. Although adolescents have an increased ability to communicate their needs verbally, the combination of talk therapy with activities and expressive arts can help to facilitate growth, change and a deeper understanding of self.
    • Adults face the challenge of negotiating an array of responsibilities and roles. Various factors, both past and present, can impact one’s overall well-being and limit the potential for health and happiness. Through therapy, adults can evaluate the influence of significant experiences, relationships, and circumstances with the support of an accepting and knowledgeable therapist. This collaborative process enables adults to reconnect with their inherent value and wisdom to live a more purposeful, mindful and balanced life.

Parent Consultation is a vital component to working with any child or adolescent who is in counseling. Parent consultation helps therapists gain insight and have a holistic view of the child client to identify areas of concern and struggle as well as growth and change. In addition, therapists provide psycho-education and guidance so parents can promote identification and expression of feelings as well as healthy boundaries that will complement their child’s growth in therapy.

Expressive Arts/Activity Therapy can help clients illustrate and communicate their experiences at times when words may seem insufficient or hard to find. These creative techniques can be effective supplements to traditional talk therapy as they provide clients an avenue for sharing information without the confines of language. The use of expressive arts and activity therapy can enhance treatment for clients of all ages by increasing insight and understanding for clients and their therapist.

“Art gives fresh impressions to old ideas about the self. Art brings conflict to light and helps bridge the gap between contrasting parts of the self. Art puts a new face on fear and enlivens the process of change. Art helps people access inner wisdom and heal.” (Capacchione 2001b; Diaz 1992; Ganim 1999; Malchoidi 2002)

Couples/Marriage Therapy assists partners in exploring dynamics of their relationship to reduce tension and increase closeness. An impartial and compassionate therapist can help couples address strained connections with the aim of improving communication; clarifying individual needs and wants; balancing union with individuation; and increasing conflict resolution. Couples therapy is appropriate for all couples/partners in dating or committed relationships that care to maximize the strength of their bond.

Family Therapy provides a chance for families to improve patterns of relating to each other that may be creating difficulties for individuals and the family as a whole. In a family setting, a therapist is valuable in ensuring that all family members are heard and encouraged to describe their unique needs and views. A neutral environment facilitates the exploration of roles, rules, patterns and inherited legacies within the family system. The transformation of family relationships can promote the acceptance, wellness and healing of everyone involved.

Group Therapy is a powerful way for clients to join with others who can relate to current struggles or past experiences. In a group setting the benefits of acceptance and support are multiplied as group members provide empathy and respectful feedback to each other. Group therapy helps normalize that all humans face difficulties, and all humans possess inner strength and value. The realization that we are not alone, and that we are not defined by our present situation can allow processes of change and healing to unfold. See the CURRENT GROUPS page for more information about groups currently being offered at this office.

Independently licensed therapists, who office at EMPOWERED Counseling for Mindful Living, LLC, are solely responsible for the services they provide and operate as independent practitioners.  No partnerships are implied by content on this website.