Supervision-pageSupervision for licensure of
LPC-Interns, LCSW candidates, RPT and CEDS certification

Effective supervision should involve a working alliance built through the right balance of education, exploration, challenge, support, and humor. Through genuine interest and attunement supervisors are able to provide guidance that fosters professional and personal growth.  Within this framework supervisees are able to gain awareness, build confidence and increase competence as therapists.

The focus of supervision will change based on a supervisee’s skill and developmental level. Initially feedback may include more practical direction and education, while later evolving into consultation. With regular assessment of ethical, legal and safety issues supervisees are helped to internalize a working model of laws, guidelines and appropriate interventions. An additional goal is for supervisees to gain insight into themselves as persons and professionals, meaning they feel able to use their own reactions to further their work with clients, while managing personal issues and engaging in self-care.

To enhance training beyond weekly one-on-one supervision, supervisees are encouraged to attend the weekly consultation group with other clinicians in the office.

If you are interested in learning more about supervision please contact Supervisors directly:

Jessica Callahan, LPC-S        469.662.0607,
Jessica Callicutt, LPC-S, RPT-S, CEDS    972.643.8384,                                                    Beth Coles, LPC-S, RPT-S     940.206.4084,
Samantha Major, LPC, LCSW     214.407.1953,                                                                Kelley McLain, LPC-S     903.267.4014,

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