Sun, Fun and Structure for Summer!

by Maggie Butler


Summer is around the corner, kids can’t wait- they are counting down until the last day of school. Kids view summer as fun, fun and more fun. Summer is meant to be a time for relaxation and fun, but for most kids too much free time can be problematic. Keeping children in a routine is key, as it enhances accountability and promotes self-control.


Structure = Safety


Children thrive on structure, it reduces stress because they know what is to be expected! So, what will help keep the transition back to the school as smooth as possible? It is important to ask yourself what you would like your children to continue doing during the summer, whether it is educational or specific activities. Ask your kids what they want to do this summer! Make a summer bucket list! Depending on the age of your children, ask their input on what they want their summer days to look like, the more input they have the more likely it is they will follow along with the schedule.


Have a family calendar that everyone has access to. Depending on your family, another great option for keeping structure and routine is to set a schedule. You can be as detailed as you want! Ideas for the schedule include; a set wake up time, breakfast, morning activity, chores, lunch, free time, screen time, afternoon activity, dinner and bedtime. You could be as specific as brush teeth, make up bed, get dressed; it is up to you what you think suits your family best. Once the schedule is set, instead of when to get dressed in the morning being an argument, it turns into “this is just what happens at this time of the day”!


Transitions take time. Just as tough as it was starting school, getting onto a summer schedule can be tricky! Expect some push back, this is normal!


With your new summer structure, you and your family can have a relaxing, fun and predictable summer!