Clients: Adults of all ages

  • Maternal Mental Health
  • Infertility/Adoption
  • Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Grief & Loss
  • EMDR Therapy

  • Payment: Self-pay, reduced rate


    Doreen Simonian


    Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern

    EMDR Trained

    Postpartum Support International Trained



    Life sometimes presents overwhelming obstacles, which can lead to anxiety, depression, grief, isolation, self-doubt, confusion and strained relationships. It takes great courage to seek counseling and I offer a compassionate and supportive space for you to create healing and growth. 


    One of my passions is helping those challenged by the process of building a family.  This could be due to infertility, miscarriage or pregnancy loss, post-partum or post-adoption depression, stress regarding adoption, general anxiety, and the adjustment to parenting or living childfree after these experiences. I have gained insight and an intimate perspective into the issues you may be facing and the various paths this process can take. Feelings of isolation, hopelessness, shame, trauma, anguish, anger and relationship problems may surface. You may feel as though your body has betrayed you which undermines feelings of safety and security. Relating to your partner, family or friends becomes harder. This pain is often unseen but consuming. The deep sense of someone else truly understanding what this experience is like can be very healing. I can help you care for yourself at this very vulnerable time. During this rollercoaster of emotions, I hope to help you find validation, peace, strength and the ability to better manage daily life. 


    I have an MA in Clinical Psychology and an MS in Psychological Counseling. I have worked in various settings including a non-profit adoption agency, counseling adoptive and birth parents. I am fully LGBTQIA supportive.


    I invite you to take that next step today to learn how I can help you sort through difficult emotions and decisions and provide respite during this trying time. I would be honored to accompany you on your journey.  You are not alone…